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Unit Trust Overview

Affordable, convenient and effortless investments

Samie Capital’s unit trusts give you access to some of the United Kingdom’s top investment managers, so you don’t have to navigate the share markets alone. Our comprehensive range of personal finance products offers a multitude of risk and return options, with a solution for every risk appetite and investment horizon.

From £50 a month you can enjoy access to a wide range of funds, offering you both local and international investment options. With no lock-in period, unit trusts give you plenty of choice and flexibility. Invest in one or more of our unit trusts today, and start saving towards your financial goals.



Standard vs Tax-free Unit Trusts

A tax-free unit trust works largely the same as a standard unit trust, except that you don’t pay any tax on your interest or dividends earned, and capital gains are tax free too. This means you don’t pay tax on the growth of your investment, which makes it a far more effective way to reach your goals.

Tax-free Unit Trusts

Unit trusts are one of the most popular types of collective investment schemes available in the UK. By pooling your money together with lots of other investors you can gain access to a particular type of asset class, geographical region or industry sector.
  • By law you can only invest £20 000 per year or
  • £500 000 over your lifetime
  • Any contributions beyond the aforementioned maximum limits are taxed at 40%
  • You pay no tax on your income or capital gains
  • Are unit trusts taxable?

    Yes, they are. In the UK any income distributions or capital growth from unit trust investments could be subject to either income and/or capital gains tax. The amount of tax you may potentially be liable for depends upon the type of share class you have chosen and the level of income or capital growth you have received.


    What is a Unit Trust?

    A unit trust gives easy, cost-effective access to blue chip companies via shares, property and bonds, which are not usually available to direct investors with relatively smaller amounts to invest. The fund manager is responsible for diversifying your investment to protect it from being too exposed to a potential fall of a single asset.

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